Wills and Trusts

All clients should have a will, or possibly a trust, setting forth their desires as to who should receive their assets at the time of their death, and who the client would like to nominate as their personal representative/executor/trustee. For clients who choose not to have a will and who do not properly designate 100% of all their assets, they will be left to having a will forced upon them by the laws passed by the legislature, often referred to as a forced will. Clients feel better and are empowered when they can direct who is to receive their assets, when someone will get the asset, and what restrictions, if any, that should be placed on any recipients, and selecting appropriate individuals to handle their estate. Also, if clients want to leave assets or monies to charities, it is critical that the will and/or trust set forth those intentions, along with any appropriate beneficiary designations.

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